I’ve lived here for 42 years, and in that time I’ve established a small business, raised 4 boys, and volunteered in various capacities to improve our city. I’ve witnessed Victorville expand from a tight-knit small town to a dynamic, growing area. With this growth come different issues, challenges, and problems that affect our quality of life. But I’m not intimidated by the challenges our city faces. In fact, I look forward to tackling these issues, one by one, to make a better Victorville for all of us.

We need to make Victorville more welcoming for families and youth. We can achieve this by creating safe areas for kids to play and teenagers to hang out. My plans include building more parks, community swimming pools, and walking paths, particularly in the south side of the city that is rapidly expanding. I’d love to have a special-events venue in the future, with more activities for families and youth to enjoy year-round.

In order to do this, we need to reduce urban blight around our city and make it harder for criminals to hide in the shadows of boarded-up buildings. We need to be proactive when dealing with public safety, and give our law enforcement the tools they need for effective crime control. We need to make infrastructure improvement a top priority, and improve business opportunities to foster constant economic growth. These things will allow us to not just survive, but to thrive as a community, and make Victorville more appealing for the people that call this city home.

I am neither a politician nor a professional community activist. I am simply an informed, concerned and very active citizen who is running for City Council in Victorville to do what I do best: get things done.

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